Rule Violations

While everybody makes mistakes, there are some actions and forms of behaviour that cannot be tolerated on Discuss Data and which will be sanctioned. In general, rude, inflammatory and inappropriate comments (please read our Netiquette for further details) as well as Data Collections that violate copyright regulations will be deleted by the curator(s). In case of copyright violations, only the Data Files will be deleted; the respective Metadata and Documentation of Data Collection will remain accessible for other users.

If a registered user of Discuss Data violates rules of confidentiality or conduct or other rules laid down in the Terms of Use, s/he will be reprimanded and again instructed about the proper behaviour at/ or the proper use of Discuss Data. In case of repeated offenses (despite additional instructions and tutoring), this will lead to a demotion (i.e., the registered user will no longer be allowed to upload Data Collections in case of confidentiality or copyright violations or, in case of improper language, to place comments on Discuss Data) and eventually to a loss of his/her rights as active registered user (thereby becoming a passive user without the privileges of a registered user).

In case a registered user feels him-/herself unfairly treated by the curator or wants to challenge the curator’s decision(s), the registered user can call for arbitration. The incoming complains will be dealt with by an ombudsperson who is an affiliated member of the Board of Curators and, as an authority of last resort, the Board of Curators. The Ombudsperson has the power to immediately revise a curator’s decision. At a later stage, the Board of Curators (with the exception of the curator against whom the complaint was made) will discuss the complaint and make a final decision. Please send your complaints to info[at]

Registered users can also raise concerns about / make complains against data collections and comments posted by other registered users. Please send your complaints to info[at]