Citation of Data Collections

Every Data Collection published with Discuss Data must be properly cited, if used.

Discuss Data standardizes the citation of Data Collections to make it easier for researchers to publish their data and get credit for their work. When a Data Collection is uploaded on Discuss Data, the citation is generated and presented automatically from the Metadata provided by the Data Depositor. For data citation Discuss Data uses the format outlined in the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles, a synthesis of all previously existing principles and initiatives on data citation.

The citation standard defined here offers proper recognition to data owners as well as permanent identification through the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) standard in place of URLs, which can change frequently.

Citation of the Data Collection would look like this:

Eduard Klein (2020): Corruption in higher education in Russia and Ukraine, v. 1.0, Discuss Data, <doi:10.48320/3C73A35E-41A6-4A2A-85C9-67109ECA5299>

This citation has six components, of which five are human-readable:

  1. the data owner(s)
  2. year
  3. title
  4. data repository (or distributor)
  5. and version number.

One component is machine-readable (DOI = Digital Object Identifier).