Edit Dataset Description

How to edit a Dataset description

You can alter the description you added when creating a new data set.

Title (required)

Please use a short but concise title for your data set, so that other users can easily understand what kind of data your data set contains.


In the subtitle field you can provide additional information about your data set, e.g.: "A qualitative data set on protest organization and participation by Russian non-parliamentary opposition leaders during the 'for fair elections' protests between December '11 - March '12”

Technical description (required)

The technical description is like an abstract: Here you can explain in a few sentences what your data is about. The technical description should include, but is not limited to:

  • scope (e.g., 12 expert interviews)
  • time (period) and place of elicitation
  • data formats (e.g., audio files plus interview transcripts in PDF format)
  • amount and size of files (e.g., 12 mp3-files, 27 Megabyte)]

Categories (required)

The data sets on the Discuss Data platform are classified in several categories, which group the diverse data sets and help others to find data. Please choose the category that best describes your data set. If no given category applies to your data set, please contact the Discuss Data team or the responsible curator(s) and we will find a solution.

Shorttitle (required)

Pleas add a shorttitle up to 60 characters of your dataset.


Here you can add further categories your dataset fits in.