Dataset Publishing

How to publish your Dataset

Our step-by-step wizard guides you through the publishing procedure

1. Start publishing process



2. Check files & access

In step 2 you can check, whether all files of the Data Collection - Metadata, Documentation of Data Colleciton and Data Files - were successfully uploaded and ready for publishing.

If you choose open access, all files of your Data Collection should be displayed.

If you choose "metadata only", no data Files will be uploaded, only the (automatically generated) Metadata and the Documentation of Data Collection.

3. Check license

In step 3, you can check and edit the chosen license.

4. Accept Copyright, Privacy & Submission Agreement

Before publishing a Data Collection, every Data Depositor must confirm, that his Data Collection does not infringe any copyrights or privacy rights of third parties and accept the Data Submission Agreement.

For more information regarding copyrights, please see our section "Avoinding Copyrights Violations in Data Collections".

For more information regarding data protection and privacy, see our section "Data Protection in Data Collections".

For more information regarding the Submission Agreement, see our section Data Submission Agreement.

5. Submit Data Collection

After you click on the green "Submit"-button, the Data Collection will be reviewed by the responsible curator(s).

Once the Data Collection is under review, it is "frozen" and cannot be edited anymore. Only if the curator(s) deny the publication, the Data Collection automatically becomes "unfrozen" and can be edited according to the proposals made by the curator(s).