The Discuss Data Netiquette gives advice and defines rules that you should follow when communicating and writing comments

Discuss Data relies on the interaction and communication of its users. Therefore, user comments are an integral part of our platform.

We are particularly interested in the quality of the comments. Our belief is that discussions about the quality of data collections provide interesting and relevant insights and thus create added value. Therefore, we want to offer an environment, in which all users like to participate.

How to write a good comment?

  • Be relevant: A good comment refers to the Data Collection or topic of the discussion. In other words, it is relevant.
  • Be explanatory: A good comment is based on clear arguments, especially if you disagree with other users.
  • Use a friendly, respectful tone: The sound makes the music. Do not get involved in provocations from other users and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Use proper language: Your comment should follow the rules of spelling. Use paragraphs to make your text easier to read and comprehend. Cynicism and irony are often not clearly recognizable in written comments. Use these stylistic elements only in exceptional cases so as not to be misunderstood.
  • Take your comment seriously: Participating is the number one rule for online discussions, but posting for the sake of posting wastes other people’s time. Always remember to add something new to the conversation and not repeat something that someone else has already said.
  • Be precise and check before submitting: Before clicking on the "Send" button, read your comment again to see whether it is clearly formulated and expresses what you really want to say.


The following rules must be observed by all users:

  • Insults have no place in the discussions. If you disagree with others, criticize the content, not the authors.
  • Discrimination and defamation of other users and social groups is not allowed, regardless of their religion, origin, nationality, disability, income, sexual orientation, age or gender.
  • Non-verifiable allegations and suspicions which are not supported by credible arguments or sources will be removed by the curators. Please make sure you’re your statements are plausible.
  • Advertising and commercial content is not permitted.
  • You may not publish others' personal data. .
  • You must own the rights to distribute the content you publish. If you reproduce third-party content, make sure that it is authorized for dissemination.
  • Quotations must be clearly marked as such and should be used as carefully as possible. Always state the source of your quotation.
  • Links may be used in comments, for example to refer to further information. Discuss Data is not responsible for the linked content and does not check it. However, we reserve the right to remove links if the linked content violates the rules listed above.

Enforcement of rules

Discuss Data and the responsible curators may shorten or remove comments if they violate the rules stated in the netiquette. In the event of serious or repeated violations, we reserve the right to exclude users from the discussion by blocking their comment function.