Political Parties and Politicians

Curated by: Jan Matti Dollbaum

This category contains data sets on political actors, particularly parties and politicians. If you’re looking for data on electoral results, please note that there is a separate category “Elections and Referendums”. Data on less formalized collective actors, such as social movements and protest groups, can be found in the category “Protests”.

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7 Datasets found

Duma Speeches: A Term Frequency Analysis

Russian State Duma Transcripts 1994–2021
Open Access v1.0
Daniel Marcus
Oct. 8, 2021

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Russian population: Approval of Medvedev as President (Levada Center)

Random-sample questionnaire-based nationally representative polls conducted as omnibus surveys 2009-12
Open Access v1.0

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kremlin_en - A textual dataset based on the contents published on the English-language version of the Kremlin’s website

A corpus in tabular format with all posts published on the official website of the president of the Russian Federation between 31 December 1999 and 31 December 2020
Open Access v1.0

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