Jan Matti Dollbaum

Research group leader, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich (Germany)


E-Mail: dollbaum@uni-bremen.de

External Profile: http://janmatti.dollbaum.de/

Research Profile

Post-Doc, interests: authoritarian regimes, contentious politics, social movement outcomes

I study social and political protest in the post-Soviet sphere and beyond.

In my PhD, defended in January 2020, I compared trajectories of local protest institutionalization in authoritarian regimes – on the example of the ‘For Fair Elections’ protest cycle in four Russian regions. My book project is an extension of this work.

More generally, I’m interested in the functioning of authoritarian regimes
(including policy-making), contentious politics, and social movement
dynamics in a cross-regime perspective.

In 2021, I have co-authored (together with Ben Noble and Morvan Lallouet) the first english-language book on Alexei Navalny and his movement (Hurst Publishers / Oxford University Press).

Research Interests by Country

Belarus Russia Ukraine


Authoritarian Regimes Post-Soviet Politics Social Movements