The Russo-Ukrainian Conflict 2013-2023 in German Talk Show Debates

A "Zeitenwende" (turning point) in the German discourse?"

Version 1.0, published: Dec. 16, 2023

Open Access

Marcus Welsch

Curated by: Heiko Pleines
Marcus Welsch (2023): The Russo-Ukrainian Conflict 2013-2023 in German Talk Show Debates, v. 1.0, Discuss Data, <doi:10.48320/E480BDA7-EF7C-4110-A4C0-0CC54CB344E0>.


In this data set, all TV talk shows dedicated to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia that have been broadcast on national public television in Germany (ARD, ZDF and Phoenix) since the Euromaidan (first TV talkshow debate: 13.12.2013) until February 23, 2023, the first year of the large-scale Russian invasion, were collected.
In total, the data set evaluated 375 talk shows programmes with 614 different guests. It provides (in German) information about the talk show titles, the moderators, as well as background information about the guests.
The dataset is available in open access as ods-file, which can be opened with MS Excel. The dataset also contains a short text describing major results of the analysis (file „results.pdf“).


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