Political emigration from Belarus under Lukashenka, 1996-

Version 1.0, published: Dec. 22, 2022

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Iryna Kashtalian

Main category: Protests
Additional categories: Migration And Displacement
Iryna Kashtalian (2022): Political emigration from Belarus under Lukashenka, 1996-, v. 1.0, Discuss Data, <doi:10.48320/A73B3AB6-B34B-441A-9932-CD7E7D760BE1>.


The collection for now contains 34 interviews in Belarusian and Russian, from people born between 1947 to 1998 (appr 110 hours of records) and the collection is constantly growing. The autobiographical interviews with a thematic focus had a semi-structured form and usually lasted for 2-3 hours. The collection contains anonymized transcriptions to the part of interviews that can be accessed by researchers at the premises of the Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen. The data collection includes a description of the methodology, a list of the questions, and general information about the interviews.




Repression Agency Resilience Trauma Emigration 2020 Protests In Belarus Belarusian Diaspora

Language of data

Belarusian, Russian


Political Sciences, Oral History

Methods of data collection

Oral History Interview

Methods of data analysis

Qualitative Content Analysis