Ekaterina Vorobeva

EU-researcher, The Research Centre for East European Studies, Bremen (Germany)


E-Mail: vorobeva@uni-bremen.de

Research Profile

Ekaterina Vorobeva is an early-stage researcher focusing on migration processes in Europe and post-Soviet space.

Ekaterina Vorobeva is a doctoral candidate at the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences and an EU researcher at the Research Centre for East European Studies, the University of Bremen. Prior to her PhD, she worked in several research projects on forced migration, international migration, and migrant entrepreneurship in Finland and Malta. Ekaterina’s book chapters and scientific articles were published in International Migration, GeoJournal, Global Networks as well as in edited volumes of Palgrave Macmillan and Springer. Ekaterina’s current research interests include social and economic integration of immigrants, migrant entrepreneurship and transnationalism. Her doctoral dissertation is devoted to a hugely overlooked topic of migrant entrepreneurship in Russia.

Research Interests by Country

Georgia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Russia Tajikistan USSR Uzbekistan