Informal Practices in Doing Business in the Russian Far East

Version 1.0, published: Dec. 22, 2022

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Elena Denisova Schmidt

Main category: Corruption
Curated by: Eduard Klein
Additional categories: Elites
Elena Denisova-Schmidt (2022): Informal Practices in Doing Business in the Russian Far East, v. 1.0, Discuss Data, <doi:10.48320/3E2F7F7B-6D3E-41F9-8EA6-0D9D7F0F4A94>.


The main aim behind collecting this set of research data was to gain insider knowledge about (informal) business practices in the Russian Far East, an economically important but academically under-investigated region. The empirical study was conducted between March and July of 2012 and consists of six qualitative interviews with CEOs and business owners on informal practices. This documentation presents the data set, some context and preliminary empirical results. The data reveals several informal business practices within companies, such as payments in “envelopes”, as well as practices in connection with state authorities, such as customs and courts.
The anonymized interviews are available in a text-file format (.docx/.txt and .pdf).




Informality Business Climate Russia Russian Far East Regions Corruption.

Language of data

English; Russian


Area Studies; Management Studies

Methods of data collection

Expert Interviews

Methods of data analysis