Leadership Groups of Civic Initiatives in Armenia

Cases of Teghut, Dem em and Electric Yerevan

Version 1.0, published: Feb. 2, 2021

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Anna Hakobyan

Main category: Protests
Additional categories: Civil Society And Interest Groups
Anna Hakobyan (2021): Leadership Groups of Civic Initiatives in Armenia, v. 1.0, Discuss Data, <doi:10.48320/0B5ECEDA-34AB-478A-B720-61B1A4533E8A>.


The data set consists of summaries of twenty semi-structured in-depth interviews with members of the leadership groups of three civic initiatives (mini-social movements) in Armenia. The selected cases are “Teghut” - environmental mini-social movement (time period 2007- 2014), “Dem em” – civic initiative against pension reform (time period 2013-2014), “Electric Yerevan” - civic initiative against electricity price hike (2014-2015).

The data set looks inside (decision making, strategies and tactics, resources) leadership groups of civic initiatives (cases) in Armenia. It also examines their interaction with outside groups – other civic initiatives, media, government, etc. All the interviews were conducted in Armenia in February 2016. They were recorded and transcribed. The duration of the interviews varied from 45 minutes up to two hours. In 2017 English short summaries of the interviews were prepared.




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