Corruption in Small and Medium Business in Russia

Interviews with representatives of small and medium businesses, customs brokers, and business association representatives in St. Petersburg

Version 1.0, published: April 30, 2021

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Eduard Klein

Main category: Corruption
Curated by: Eduard Klein
Centre for Independent Social Research (2021): Corruption in Small and Medium Business in Russia, v. 1.0, Discuss Data, <doi:10.48320/7D124AF1-17B1-4997-9C57-0738CCB93EB2>.


This data set contains the anonymized transcripts of three collections of interviews, collected between 2003-2005 in St. Petersburg, Russia:
(a) 24 interviews with businessmen about the informal relations with officials
(b) 12 interviews with customs brokers and businessmen involved in cross border trade
(c) 9 interviews with representatives of business associations and other organizations aimed at business development and support.




Corruption Russian Regions Informal Practices Business Business Associations St. Petersburg Entrepreneurs Customs

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